A Beautiful Way to Organize Their Medical Documents

Have you ever responded to a doctor's questions with "I'm not sure"?
This beautiful medical document planner allows you to have all the answers.
(And we've included a COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker)

Navigate your senior's Medical Situations With Peace
the "Get it done" gokit system
The GoKit Medical Document Planner 
captures your senior's medical details 
"at a glance." 
(And ensures you can find that COVID-19 
vaccine information when you need it)
meet my dad
He was independent . . . until he wasn't.
I remember jamming the quickly printed healthcare power of attorney into my purse, looking for his wallet and jumping in the car to follow the ambulance. His roommates at the hospital acted as the two witnesses to make it legal. Yikes.

I always knew that there were some documents I should have in case my dad needed help, and it was on my to-do list. I just hadn't gotten to it. 

I needed someone to just make it very simple so that it wouldn't take much time. 
And I needed a deadline and some people to travel on the journey with me. 
So we created a beautiful, portable medical planner so that you would have everything you need for your senior's medical interactions, allowing you to calmly focus on their emotional and physical needs instead of paperwork.
"I had this vision that the doctor would ask me questions in the hospital and I would have that information in the planner. Now I can be my best self for my mom in an emergency."

we'll coach you step-by-step through your planner
Over four weeks, a GoKit consultant will send you a short video training and goal each week to help you actually complete the GoKit. Just think of that peace of mind to have it done! A consultant will be available to personally respond to your questions by email.
What is in the gokit medical document planner?
The planner pages store essential health information, from vaccines (including COVID-19!) and vitals to medications. Fill-in templates prepare you with questions to ask before surgery or discharge from a nursing home or hospital. At the back, pockets hold mission-critical advance directives, wallet cards and receipts.  

The GoKit includes these templates: 
- Essential List: Key Contact Information 
- Health-Related Contact Information
- Medical History
- Current Medicines & Supplements
- Vaccination Information
- Vitals
- Tests: for tracking results
- Doctor’s Visit Notes/Questions 
- Doctor’s Visit Surgery/Procedure
- In-Hospital Notes
- Hospital/Nursing Home Discharge Info
- To-do List Template
- Five tabs doubling as fun coloring pages
- Pockets for ID, prescription cards and receipts
- Pocket for Advanced Directive and POLST 
- Contact cards to leave with care staff
- Pen holder (pen not included)

don't wait too long like we did
Remember, you're just a few documents away . . . 
Debbie and Elizabeth (and Dad)


We want to help you be prepared for your senior! 
If you follow the coaching plan and are not satisfied, we'll give you your money back, with no hassle.
With your completed GoKit, you can respond to your senior's medical needs calmly. 
Not only will you have critical information at your fingertips, 
but you will have a consultant guiding you to complete it.

This portable planner and video training will give you the structure 
you need to get your act together!
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase your gokit system!
  •   60+page GoKit Medical Document Planner
    ($45 Value)
  • 1-on-1 Four-week Video Training ($300 Value)
  • Free Shipping ($15 Value)​
Total Value: $360
But we really want to help you do this, so you're getting all of this . . . 
For $97!
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