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Purposeful Discussion With Caregivers and Other Experts
Make friends on a twice-a-month group Zoom call with kind fellow caregivers and a topic expert. Topics like finding respite care, getting Medicare to pay for care, recognizing anticipatory grief, managing in-home caregivers and medication management will be discussed. Share your strategies and successes and learn from others! 

Weekly Expert Resource Guide
Hear the "real deal" review on resources and get the executive summary (with links) delivered to your inbox. 

Digital Social Worker Subscription
Receive full access to the Ways & Wane digital social worker platform. The innovative Digital Social Worker™ guides you through the eldercare maze one simple question at a time to arrive at a custom action plan. You will find bulls-eye resources, laser-focused templates and personalized answers to all senior care issues. It's the Rocketlawyer™ of caregiving. 

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